Exhibition of fueling, charging and car wash infrastructure for all types of road vechicles
Побачимось після перемоги • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, Brovarsky Ave, 15

About exhibition

Fuel & Charge is an exhibition of fuel and charge infrastructure for all types of motor service. The show exposes a wide range of equipment and solutions for service area facilities:

  • Filling stations
  • Charge stations for electric transport
  • convenience stores and cafes at the filling stations
  • carwashes
  • Parking facilities
By virtue of fact that Fuel & Charge takes place alongside with AutoTechService Expo, which integrates the automotive aftermarket, and ComAutoTrans show, the visitors will be able to solve various types of business needs: from choosing  a new commercial vehicle to purchasing a tunnel car wash , from buying non-standard auto parts to opening a cafe at a gas station.
The main target of the exhibition is to promote:

  • infrastructure modernization, service and safety improvement of personnel, drivers and passengers;
  • the growth of the services range provided by service area facilities
  • fuel and charging infrastructure integration;
  • presentation of successful cases and business models, direct dialogues with equipment and services suppliers, operating business and prospective investors.

Background and reasons to launch
In accordance to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the wholesale and retail trade of oil and gas products was carried out by 7 064 filling stations in January 2020 (compared to 6613 stations in March 2019).
 The largest filling station chains are Privat Group gas stations (Avias, ANP and others) with more than 1600 stations, WOG and OKKO, with 400+ filling stations.

 The charging infrastructure market is actively growing alongside with the fuel market development.  The total number of standard and high- power charge stations was equal to 2,719 by the end of 2019 (at the end of 2018 – 1 773).
The same as in the gas market, the largest network shows a significant lead from the competitors in terms of number of objects: AutoEnterprise - 1113 stations, IONITY - 387, ElectroUA - 380.
As the number of service area facilities objects grows, their business model and revenue structure are changing as well. Thus, the share of non-fuel retail in gas station revenues is constantly increasing. Now, in accordance to subject expertise it`s share is equal to 25%.
 Extra on-site services such as car washes and wheels and tyre fitting also tend to fit to the charge infrastructure due to the high traffic of cash people.

Fuel & Charge is launched to become a business platform that brings together suppliers and key stakeholders of the service area facilities market to ensure effective interoperability and sustained growth.